I will not monopolise your time. I enjoy spending a generous amount of time with you. Quality over quantity is my my modus operandi.

A Brief Affair 1.5 Hours
80 000INR

Come Closer 2 Hours
100 000INR

Fete for a King 3 Hours
110 000INR

Dinner & Me (My favourite) 2 Hours Social time & 2 Hours Private Time
120 000INR

Slumber Party 14 hours (Must include a minimum of 7 hours uninterrupted sleep and dinner in a restaurant or some form of social activity outside the room and breakfast in bed)
250 000INR

Extended Slumber Party 16 Hours
300 000INR

24 Hours
400 000INR

48 Hours
600 000INR

Additional Hours
25 000INR

Same day booking + 15 000INR

Note: All dates over 3 Hours must include some sort of social time outside the hotel room. Such as lunch or dinner or a social activity of your choice.

Dinner and lunch dates must be hosted in my hotel or a restaurant of your choice.

Fly-Me-To-You within India
Minimum of 12 hours, plus travel and hotel costs.

Screening Information
Screening is mandatory. I accept any of the following forms of information.

1. A link to your LinkedIn profile or Business website.


2. A copy of your Government issued ID. Important information can be blanked out apart from your legal name, photograph and DOB.

Note: All information will be handled with the upmost discretion and deleted upon meeting. Screening is for my personal safety and to ensure your genuine.

Deposit Information

A deposit of 40% is required to confirm our time together.

My preferred method is WishTender, which is discrete and payable in INR and accepted by Indian banks or I accept PayPal.

Deposits must be received immediately after screening and a confirmed date is established.

If you need to cancel, deposits are non-refundable. Highly unlikely but if cancellation is on my part, I will immediately issue a full refund.

Booking Etiquette

* Rates are Fixed and non negotiable.

*Rude, lewd, abusive behaviour or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated.

* I do not meet anyone under the influence of drugs or heavily intoxicated.

* No Anal or unprotected sex.

*No personal images sent out due to privacy. Please check out my Twitter or Instagram for daily updates.

* Upon meeting, please place your “gift” cash INR or USD in an unsealed envelope or gift bag and place it on the table as soon as we meet, without any discussion

Booking Procedure

Bookings are to made by filling out the reservation form with your full details and enquiry. Please include your preferred screening and deposit method.

I do not provide my WhatsApp number until screening and a deposit is received.

Enquiries without relevant information will most likely be ignored.